Massive Boobed Samantha Sanders makes her laundry. And when you have such a pair of perfect Big Boobs you have a lot of bra’s for the Twins.Take a look at these huge JJ-cup Tits only on XLGirls.com.

A lawyer by profession, Samantha’s super-big tits, all-natural and packed solid, always attracts a lot of attention. She does have some of the best tits we ever saw and she should be proud of them. They are works of art. She was asked so many times to pose without her legal briefs that she finally took the witness box and showed her nipples and box. Since then, Samantha has also squeezed a few guys in, with rock ‘em, sock ‘em scenes in the movies Cream My Tits!, Busty Fucks and Knockin’ Nipples. Samantha is one hell of a fuck buddy! Samantha says she gets patted down when she travels through airports. Security people think that she’s carrying some concealed object under her blouse or that’s what they like to say. They really just want a quick feel. We can’t blame them.

All Pics courtesy of XLGirls.com

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